Governments Financial Help For Single Parents

The governments’ financial help for single parents is a resource that is both often overlooked by those facing parenting a child alone and is often debated by those who fail to understand how important of a resource it is. Many individuals feel that single parents do not need the additional assistance and that they should simply work harder to supply their family with the essentials.

Until an individual has experienced the strain and hardships that come along with raising a child alone, however, they should refrain from passing judgments. The information below can help parents come to terms with accepting this much-needed help, as well as locating the various sources of government assistance that are available.

Learning To Accept The Governments’ Financial Help

Decades ago, being a single parent was a social oddity. There were very few who chose or were forced to become single parents, and society often shunned those who were. Now, the number of single parents in society continues to grow each year. With over 13 million one-parent homes in the United States alone, it is easy to see what a huge influence single parents have on society. With this new understanding has also come the addition of extra help to assist those who are parenting alone.

Many different programs make up the governments’ financial help for single parents, but it is help that is both necessary and appreciated. Unlike others who may be on public assistance, single parents often work one full-time job or possibly even two or three to make ends meet. With the average salary of a single parent totaling $28,000 and the average yearly child support amount coming in under $5,000, single-parent households are scraping to get by.

It is important for those who need the assistance that has been put into place to realize that it is not charity, but an investment in the lives of the nation’s future. If the governments’ financial help for single parents can help a young mother or father get back on their feet and become better educated, then their children will, in turn, lead more prosperous lives which will contribute to society. Accepting help can be a humbling experience, but it should not be turned away at the expense of your child’s chance at a better life.

Programs That Provide Governments’ Financial Help

There are programs for almost any need that a single parent may have when seeking the governments’ financial help for single parents. From housing assistance to help to pay our utility bill, there are specialized income-based programs in place to make sure that those who receive the assistance are those who are really in need.

TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is probably the most well-known of the governments’ programs. This process helps a single parent or any other person in need receive monthly stipends for food and other expenses on an EBT card which can be used as a debit card at various locations nationwide.

Child Support Enforcement is also located in each state to ensure that single parents receive the help they need from the non-custodial parent. They use their funds and specific tactics to enforce child support orders that otherwise might go unpaid.
HUD and Section 8 housing assistance are also in place to make sure that every needy family has a safe and secure place to live. In addition, there are government-funded programs that can supplement your electric, phone, and internet bills as well.

As a single parent, the governments’ financial help for single parents can go a long way to improving the life of your family. Although many of the assistance programs can only be used for a limited time, it is enough to help you live a more comfortable lifestyle while you return to work, finish your college schooling, or just get back on your feet.

Grants For Single Parents Are Available

Government grants are available throughout the United States for single parents who can demonstrate that they need additional funds to help provide adequate life for their child or children. Grants for single parents have been created as a way to keep those who are truly in need from becoming homeless or impoverished. Any single parent can apply for and receive a grant provided that they meet all eligibility requirements, and that funding is available at the time.

Where To Locate Grants For Single Parents

There are many different types of grants that are available to single parents. These grants are designed to be used on a wide variety of different things and must be applied for in different locations. For general government grants and funds that are both federally and state-funded, applications can be gained from the local City Hall.
For federal grants that provide funds for a single parent to return to school, an individual must file a FAFSA which is a federally required form that is accessible online. This will determine a single parent’s eligibility and can give them up to $5,000 each year to attend school.

Other grants such as those for down payment assistance on a home and help with updating appliances and electrical systems must be applied for at various locations within your state. Each state has different grants for single parents which are available, and each must be applied for in its manner.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for most grants for single parents, you have to meet income requirements. These requirements are generally set between certain parameters. For some grants, you must make a minimum amount to qualify, and for most, you must not exceed a certain income each year to be granted funds.

Most government-funded grants require either be legally divorced or that the non-custodial parent be deceased or severely disabled. Also, be prepared to show proof that you are the custodial parent of your child or children, and your current income dating back two years. There are many hoops that you must jump through to qualify for grants, but the additional assistance that you receive in the end is more than worth it.

Grants for single parents are available both nationwide and in each state. If you are a single parent who is in search of some additional financial assistance, then the information above can help you locate the resources that you require.

How To Keep Your Children Healthy And Happy

If your child has colds and illnesses of any kind – ADHD, ADD – look first at their nutrition that they are getting every day – they should be eating ONLY nutritional foods on their road to wellness according to parenting tips for toddlers. First, if a child has any kind of illness you need to pump lots of vegetables and fruits into them – staying away from GMO foods, processed foods, and microwaved foods, hormones in foods, any man-made boxed, bagged, and most canned foods. I believe the FDA says an adult should have 7-13 vegetables and fruits a day – which translate into about 5 cups of vegetables and fruit a day-so for a child say about 3 cups of vegetables and fruit should be a good measure- also some whole food (you can get this at a good Pharmacy (not at the corner drug store).

Keeping your child’s body healthy should be a top priority for you, the parent should be honing in on it. Seeing that their cells and DNA are protected from everyday living so that they have a Healthy Life Span to look forward to.

It is very hard – in today’s world to really keep your child nutritionally healthy – but it should be first on your list when parenting young children. Staying away from those listed above and including fast-foods. Too much fruit juice can be too much sugar – although it is natural sugar the need to monitor the fruit juice.

The food companies have been given permission to tell the consumer-that is you – what is good. You need to take control of what “is good” food, just like you are in control of your medical, financial, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your child’s life. That means never turn any control of those items to anyone but you and your child.

I believe and when you do your own research about nutrients and a Healthy Life Span – your doctor has magazines in his office, all the magazines, books, and research journals will tell you how good vegetables and fruits are good for a healthy person. Of course, you need to buy fresh, organic, or home-grown vegetables and fruit, eat raw, or steam for a short time. Otherwise, the nutrients will not be there for the body.

Doing all the above common sense parenting keeps the body in the alkaline area and vibrations always working on a high level and never letting the immune system become compromised.

The brain works better when the body is fed good and fresh food. Your child’s brain will develop better, their immune system will not be compromised, and your child will be on the road to a Healthy Life Span
Keep in mind that you and your child want a:


Listed here is the result of NOT a good diet:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart problems
  • Arthritis
  • On and on and on to a sick body.

Cells and DNA can be compromised from birth-that means that you work harder on feeding the body more good vegetables and fruits.