Grants For Single Parents Are Available

Government grants are available throughout the United States for single parents who can demonstrate that they need additional funds to help provide adequate life for their child or children. Grants for single parents have been created as a way to keep those who are truly in need from becoming homeless or impoverished. Any single parent can apply for and receive a grant provided that they meet all eligibility requirements, and that funding is available at the time.

Where To Locate Grants For Single Parents

There are many different types of grants that are available to single parents. These grants are designed to be used on a wide variety of different things and must be applied for in different locations. For general government grants and funds that are both federally and state-funded, applications can be gained from the local City Hall.
For federal grants that provide funds for a single parent to return to school, an individual must file a FAFSA which is a federally required form that is accessible online. This will determine a single parent’s eligibility and can give them up to $5,000 each year to attend school.

Other grants such as those for down payment assistance on a home and help with updating appliances and electrical systems must be applied for at various locations within your state. Each state has different grants for single parents which are available, and each must be applied for in its manner.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for most grants for single parents, you have to meet income requirements. These requirements are generally set between certain parameters. For some grants, you must make a minimum amount to qualify, and for most, you must not exceed a certain income each year to be granted funds.

Most government-funded grants require either be legally divorced or that the non-custodial parent be deceased or severely disabled. Also, be prepared to show proof that you are the custodial parent of your child or children, and your current income dating back two years. There are many hoops that you must jump through to qualify for grants, but the additional assistance that you receive in the end is more than worth it.

Grants for single parents are available both nationwide and in each state. If you are a single parent who is in search of some additional financial assistance, then the information above can help you locate the resources that you require.